When did you start using Linux

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Let’s get this project moving. My plan was to share my experience in learning Linux along the way. I came from a Windows world where everything is per-configured. You can imaging how happy I am right now to be able to customize everything on my own.

It is a freedom every computer users should enjoy. But on the other hands, there are also a lot of stuff to learn, especially for those who are very new to Linux. I discovered Linux through the Raspberry Pi. I have a few Pi(s) in the house right now. It was the entry point for me to the Linux world. I know the opportunity is everywhere because no one can really tell how much Linux distributions available right now at this point of time. There are so many …

However you need to find the one Linux distribution that suite you the best. It is not easy but step by step, day by day, you will discover things.

I hope this blog would be useful to those who started to enter into the Linux world. If this is your fist time here, it is good to hear how you discover Linux and what is your first impression with this open source software?

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Author: Mike Feign

Raspberry Pi user and Linux learner along the way. I like movies, books and a little bit of coding.

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